Your banking experience just got better. System upgrade is complete!

We are always working to provide greater convenience for our members. We completed a core-system upgrade that was designed to offer you enhanced technology, new products, and better service.

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The Upgrade Occurred Wed., Feb. 28 5:00 pm - Mon., Mar. 5, 9:30 am.

What did NOT CHANGE After the System Upgrade?

  • Existing products and services.
  • Existing member checks.
  • Online/Mobile Banking & Bill Payment and all established bill payments and history. Your login credentials are the same.
  • Our Routing and Transit Number: 254074183.
  • MasterMoney® Debit Cards. You are able to use your debit card anytime. Your PIN remains the same. If your card requires a change you will be notified directly.
  • Existing direct deposits (such as social security).
  • Mortgage statements.
  • Loan account numbers, except for Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit.

What CHANGED After the System Upgrade?

  • More efficient in-person service when you visit our branch office.
  • 24/7 Call Center Support available anytime, anywhere. 
  • New enhanced technology, products and services such as a new VISA® Platinum Card with excellent travel benefits.
  • Transfers to other IDB-IIC FCU members are processed as soon as you initiate them in your online banking account.
  • Immediate availability of your money (up to $2,500) when you deposit checks.
  • Checking, Savings, and Share Certificate Account numbers are preceded by two zeros and the suffix number became part of your account number.
    For example:
    Past: 1234567-9 (Checking), 1234567-0 (Savings)
    Current: 0012345679 (Checking); 0012345670 (Savings)
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Account numbers changed. In the past, a member’s HELOC account number was followed by another number that represents the type of HELOC loan (88, 89 or 90). New HELOC Accounts are a serial number.
    For example:
    Past: 1234567-88
    Current: 007020001
  • Account Opening is easier than ever. Members no longer have long forms to fill out. Simple e-sign convenience is now available.
  • Account ID Security. You will have an electronic photo ID scanned during your first branch visit after the upgrade. This will remain on file connected to all your accounts, so there will be no need to show a form of ID at the teller station on future visits.
  • Statements will have a new look. Your new statement will look different. As with your current combined statement, your checking, savings, and consumer loan accounts will be shown on one statement, with the exception of home equity. Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit (HELOC) statements will be separate after the upgrade. Both member account statements – combined and/or home equity versions – will be sent out to members on the same date each month.
  • A Unique Online Banking Login for the Joint Account Holder is made available. In the past, joint account owners shared the same login credentials for Online/Mobile Banking services. Now, joint owners are able to have their own unique login credentials for even more security.

Important Dates & Actions to take

Actions to take after 9:30 AM, March 5, 2018:

  • Review your new statements (see above under “What Will Change After the System Upgrade”) Statements will be sent to members on the same date of each month. (see above under “What Will Change After the System Upgrade”).
  • Reschedule recurrent eTransfers between accounts or to pay other people.
  • Request electronic services such as, Stop Payment, Check Re-Orders, Change of Address Form, Internal Transfers, and Debit Card Requests, as usual. These services will be available again after the system upgrade.

New debit cards and debit card replacements:

  • New debit cards and debit card replacements ordered between February 16 and March 5 will be processed until March 5. Members can expect them to arrive in the mail 7-10 business days later.

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